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Why Kiwi
No matter how big or small, claim rewards and guaranteed cashbacks every time you make payments.

Apply for RuPay Card

Get your virtual RuPay credit card
or link your existing RuPay card to

Scan & Pay

From chai to chowmein,
you can scan & pay for

India’s First Credit on UPI

Freeing & absolutely

The virtual credit card you receive from us comes with a lifetime FREE guarantee. No hidden charges or add-ons required to unlock the potential of convenient payments.

1% Cashback. 100% guaranteed
The more you use your virtual credit card, the more you get as a reward. With every transaction you make using your credit card, we offer you 1% cashback. 
Scan do everything
Tour one-stop scan & pay app that gives you guaranteed cashback on transactions. What’s more, you can link your bank account as well to make payments using UPI.

RuPay on-the-go 

Got a RuPay card already?
Well, now you can reap benefits & guaranteed cashback by linking and paying with your existing RuPay card. 

Our card trick is card management.  
From checking your outstanding balance to pausing online or offline transactions, there’s so much more that you can do by managing your RuPay credit card on Kiwi. 
In an instant. For a lifetime.
You can apply for your virtual RuPay credit card with ease, and get it almost instantly. You will be scanning and paying with your new RuPay credit card in no time

Fastest Bill

We also have the fastest bill payment for credit cards, where your amount will be credited and reflected swiftly. A clean and clutter-free app that simplifies your payments and gives you the credit where it is due.