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Referral iPhone Offer: 17th November, 2023 to 30th November, 2023

  1. Eligibility: Users who have received the communication from Kiwi for this offer
  2. Offer Validity: For all referrals done between 17th November, 2023 to 30th Nov, 2023
  3. Prize: One lucky winner will receive an iPhone 14 as the prize.
  4. Winner Selection: The user with highest number of successful referrals as on 7th December, 2023. Highest Successful Referrals means the highest number of cards generated from all referrals initiated by the user. In case of a tie, the user with highest approval ratio will be announced as the winner. Below is an eg.
    1. User A:
      • People referred: 10 (A)
      • Successful Referrals (Cards Generated): 3 (B)
      • Approval Ratio: 30% (A/B)
    2. User B:
      • People referred: 16 (A)
      • Successful Referrals (Cards Generated): 4 (B)
      • Approval Ratio: 25% (A/B)
    3. User C:
      • People referred: 12 (A)
      • Successful Referrals (Cards Generated): 4 (B)
      • Approval Ratio: 33% (A/B)

    User B & User C have the highest successful referrals, but referrals from User C have a better approval rate. Hence, User C would be declared as the winner.
    If there is a tie with both Highest Successful Referrals & Highest Approval rate, the winner will be chosen randomly from among all tied participants.
  5. Notification: The winner will be notified via phone number associated with their Kiwi account and/or through the Kiwi platform.
  6. Verification: To claim the prize, the winner must respond to the notification within seven (7) days and provide any necessary information or documentation requested by Kiwi for verification.
  7. Publicity Release: By accepting the prize, the winner agrees to allow Kiwi to use their name, image, and likeness for promotional and marketing purposes.
  8. The Iphone offer is not open to residents of the states of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Sikkim, Nagaland, or any other state where such contest/offer may be prohibited.
  9. The Iphone offer is provided at the sole discretion of Kiwi and the final decision on the winner will be with Kiwi.
  10. Further, we also reserve the right to disqualify any Customer, who does not meet the Iphone offer requirements or in case of reasons including but not limited to any misuse or fraud or suspicious transaction/activity or under any legal requirement or applicable rules and regulations, from being eligible for the Iphone offer.
  11. In case of a dispute, the final decision lies with the Company.
  12. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as a binding obligation on Kiwi to continue the Iphone offer.
  13. The Customer shall not hold the Company responsible for any actions, claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, charges or expenses, which a Customer incurs, in the normal course of availing the Iphone offer.
  14. Participation in any offer is completely voluntary. Users may choose to not participate in any offer. Kiwi does not guarantee any prize to any winner
  15. Kiwi is not responsible for any tax implications on the User from their participation in any offer. Users should obtain independent tax advice before entering any offer.